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We have links with over thirty schools.  Here are comments from a few of them.


‘Thank you so much for your contribution, thoughts and ideas.’
Marketing Officer, King’s School, Kerala 


‘We really thank you so much - not only for the gift, but for all the work you and the team are doing for Alpha and so many schools of our State! We pray that God continues to keep and protect you and bless all the works of your hands!     You are always welcomed here, and we definitely look forward to the possibility of another visit from you!’
Alpha International, Tamil Nadu

'We are so happy that you are a great gift to our school.  God bless your sacrifices in gifting your journey and time in credit of our school. We all miss you Very Much’
Christopher Higher Matriculation School


‘I believe it was a Divine connection as we really need help with training - there is never &;enough&; training especially for teachers. In our school we recruit every year since we are growing by 250 new students every year! From 2016 we will introduce Std.11 and expect another huge intake.’
Eternal Light Matriculation School

‘We are thanking God and you again for the wonderful opportunity God has given us together to impart his vision and his heart to children, teachers and staff at Goodsam. We will continue to pray for you and trying to implement your suggestions and insight and inputs. We consider it valuable.’
Correspondent, Goodsam School, Tamil Nadu 


‘…many thanks to you all for your input over the past two weeks – it has been greatly appreciated at many levels (formal and informal!). It has been a mutually beneficial exercise this year and we will be happy to repeat this whenever you are able to join us again.’
Principal, Hebron School, Tamil Nadu

‘Thank you for your recent newsletter and what a joy to read of all that you and the team have been doing! Debby and I are thrilled at the work you are leading to encourage, inspire and to share your expertise with these schools.’
Malcolm and Debby Rogers, pioneers of this project

 On behalf of the management, I would like to thank you for not just helping us to grow at this stage but also giving the clarion call to bring out tomorrow’s leaders from Anderson School.    
Reynold E Benjamin 


It was nice time we had together during teachers training.  We learned a new meaning of teacher. Thank you very much for that wonderful training.  May God bless you and use you in coming days.
Teacher Sugandh Centre,
Khadar, New Delhi

The teacher training which I received was an excellent training through which I got a transformation.   Before I was following a traditional Indian method of teaching. The trainers were really a catalyst and this training would certianly enhance Indian teachers and skills.  I want to thank God for all the teacher trainers.
Head of Senior School, Kings and Queens Residential School, Arakonam

Greetings to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.   It was so wonderful the days spent with you at my school and I am very much pleased and happy to learn valuable teachings from you. Your preaching was so strong and full that it will surely work in my life and I will always be owing to you.
Satyajit Nayak,
Gyana Rainbow English School, Bhubaneswar


It was a joy and blessing to have you with us during the last few days.  
God bless you,

Chairman of the School Board, Grace Academy, Kalimpong


 It is surely a joy to receive your mail. We are already looking forward to your visit and have assignments for you certainly.  Thank you very much for all you do to help us with the school ministry.
Mullai High School, Tamil Nadu.


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